In my work I’m concerned with place and placelessness as material and psychological states. I’m interested in processes of perception and the dynamics of social context and experience.

I make paintings and mixed-media pieces that often use geometric and biomorphic patterns, in abstract works informed by physical and life sciences and by unstable paradigms of scale, repetition, and perspective. A lot of my work is about liminal spaces like coastlines or horizons or framed views, where the meaning of ‘place’ is especially in question.

I'm a writer as well as a visual artist. Some of my work is under the Writing tab on this site. 

In my writing I’m interested in how the idioms of rational inquiry—science, philosophy, journalism—can be turned back on themselves to create useful uncertainty and to ask how we know what we know. I like the way that familiar habits of thinking can transform into something more optimistic, even when ‘what we know’ seems grim or inescapable.

Talking to people, especially to other artists, is an important part of my practice. I post my conversations with artists at my blog Articiple

These lines by science writer Dennis Overbye are a template for what I believe about creative work:

Our eyes are time machines.
All information comes to us, to the present, from the past.
The center of the universe is everywhere and nowhere. It is the present, surrounded by concentric shells of the past.
Everything we see or feel or hear — now that gravitational waves have been discovered — took some time to get here, and so comes to our senses from the past.
Everyone’s universe is a little different.