About me

I make pattern-based paintings and mixed-media works that consider boundaries between perception and vulnerability. I use geometric and biomorphic patterns to explore scale, repetition, and perspective and to find relationships between shared beliefs and individual experience. I work primarily with acrylic, watercolor, and other pigmented media, as well as fabrics and natural materials. I’m interested in conditions that affect bodies and ecosystems and shape our shared beliefs. I look for unstable edges in perception, to find ways of thinking and seeing that can accommodate the constant changes of experience.

I’m a writer as well as a visual artist. In writing as in art, I'm interested in the instabilities of perception and how we form and re-form our understandings of ourselves.

Talking to artists about their work is one of my favorite things. I post conversations with artists at my blog ARTICIPLE

I live in Oakland and have a studio at The Compound.