About me

I make abstract paintings and mixed-media works that use geometric and biomorphic forms to explore scale, repetition, and perspective, and to discover new visual languages to describe perception. I’m interested in place and placelessness as material and psychological states, and in the unstable edges of perception. Much of my work is about liminal spaces like horizons, coastlines, and framed views, where the meaning of place is especially in question. My primary media are acrylic, watercolor, and screenprinting.

The most compelling aspect of artmaking for me is the translation of temporal and spatial experience into two dimensions. The paradox of rendering dynamic perception in a flat plane can be thrilling and flummoxing. Color, line, and shape stand simultaneously as ends in themselves and as maps of awareness, pushing us to reexamine our definitions of ‘the real’.

I’m a writer as well as a visual artist. In writing as in art, I'm interested in the instabilities of perception and how we form and re-form our understandings of ourselves.

Talking to artists about their work is one of my favorite things. I post conversations with artists at my blog ARTICIPLE

I have exhibited my work widely in the Bay Area and in other regions of California and the US. I live in Oakland and have a studio at The Compound.